Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Nayah!

My sweet Nay has hit the double-digits!

Nayah (Nay-ah) is a sweet and sassy little girl, and she adds to much fun to my life.

Nicknames include: Nay, Nay Nay, Double-Nay, Double, and Nye-uh.

She is so funny...she is quick-witted and she says things and they make us all just roll. She's very quick.

She is crazy-creative and resourceful. She found our fall decorations and began decorating things left and right. She stuck our family of scarecrows in our yard. She got herself a hammer and put those things down into the ground, and they totally withstood the Nebraska winds. We had a door come off it's hinges, and she grabbed my tool set and found the screws that fell out and fixed it herself, even though the screws were stripped. And it worked. She gathers little bits and pieces of unused or unwanted things, and she makes clothing, and jewelry, or new toys, or anything. If she ended up being an artist, or designer, or inventor....none of it would surprise me. She can look at something and create, and I am always blown away by her talents in this area.

Give her a shovel, a string, and a lego, and she'll have an entire room decorated immensely for someone's birthday. She just has that talent.

Nayah is kind and tenderhearted. She hurts when the people she loves hurts.

She is so funny...she always has a quick answer for everything and a lot of the time the answer is soooo far off from reality. lol. I'll ask a question and she'll answer immediately, as to what she thinks happened, and it'll more resemble a story from a fiction novel, rather than a reasonable conclusion. Like, "I wonder what happened to this thing over here that's broken?" The answer is most likely a baby got it and broke it. But she'll say, "I bet when the window was open, the wind blew in and knocked the ball over, which ran into the pencils, which knocked a cup off, and the cup fell onto it and broke it." Haha. And the windows wouldn't have been opened in months. Her imagination is intense, and I love it.

She's not a strong reader yet, and when she misreads something and it doesn't make sense, she has this out-loud dialogue and it just makes me belly laugh. And then you correct her as to what she really was supposed to say, and her response is equally as hilarious.

She just sits in natural humor. From the way she converses with her friends, to the way she processes life, to anything. Just a natural comedienne. Always has been.

She loves to laugh.

She's very dramatic and theatrical, and will over-exaggerate a moment, or will break off into a British accent without warning. 

When we are walking out and about, she'll see an object and will ask me to take a picture of her on it/with it. And she'll never'll be a picture of her doing a very pensive move.

Sometimes she feels like she falls under the shadow of her slightly-older sister, and that's hard for her.

She is an amazing singer, and has a powerful voice. She also loves to strum her guitar, and write songs. 

For her birthday cereal she picked a giant bag of Berry Captain Crunch.

For her birthday candy she picked gum.

She'll be at her dad's for her birthday, but when she gets back home, we'll do some more celebrating.

Happy Birthday Nayah. You're special, you're seen, and you are such a blessing to everyone around you. Without you, my life would be incomplete. I love you more than words can say. 💜

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Christmas Birthday Party

A couple of years ago I decided I had too many kids to do birthday parties every year. A lot of work goes into planning parties, and also I have a few children with close just became exhausting, trying to do one every year for every child.

We still celebrate every birthday every year, but only as a family. I decided a few years back, that we would do birthday parties, where friends were invited, on "special" birthdays. These "special" birthdays are ages: 10, because it hits double-digits; 13, because you become a teenager; 16, because it's "sweet sixteen"; and 18, because you become an adult. Although I've never had an 18-year-old, and it's unclear how this will coincide with graduation, if it even will at all.

And even after divorce, I have tried to continue doing this. I am strapped for time and money now more than ever before, but I can't just let go of tradition, and I can't allow my children to have any more loss. As always, I will try to keep things as normal as possible, and will try to give my children as wonderful-a-childhood as I possibly can. Even more-so now.

So this December, December 11th to be exact, Nayah turns 10. The big 1-0! So this was her year to have a party! 

(And, haha, I'm a little nervous, because as it happens, Nayah is turning 10, Royce is turning 13, and Tylee is turning 16. All in a 6-month-span. 😅)

Nayah said she wanted a sleepover, and I asked her if she wanted to do a Christmas-themed party, since it's Christmas time. She got super excited, and we began planning.

We decorated our house to be a magical winter wonderland (minus the snow, thank You Jesus...).

This part was decorated by Tavi!

When it was party time, the girls excitedly watched everyone show up.

Finally, it was party time!

First, we did pizza and a movie. The girls watched "Minor Details".

Then we all hopped in the car, and went looking at Christmas lights.

We'll call these next few pictures, "The progression of Amaya".

Amaya is sitting:

Amaya is falling:

Amaya is gone.

We stayed in the neighborhoods and just slowly cruised, blaring the Christmas music and singing at the top of our lungs.

When done, we came home and did cake and presents.

Those of you who were readers last January, may remember our freak candle incident. If not, you can refresh yourselves, here.

Most of the girls at this party were there for the last one, and everyone was a bit skittish around these candles. It added to the drama, the fact these were sparkler candles (and I didn't take the time to know that...I just grabbed them because they were Christmas colors), and when they began sparking, I thought the house was going to come down.

But we got through the song without any major explosions, and all was well with the world.

And our Christmas cake tasted delish.

We did gifts,

We decorated ornaments,

And we decorated rice krispy treats.

A couple of girls had to leave before bed, so the kids got some selfies.

When the only girls that remained were the ones who were spending the night, I put out the snack food, and the girls settled in to watch movies.

And at some point, hours and hours and hours later, the girls were all asleep.

The next morning the girls had a Christmas breakfast, complete with the pastries the birthday girl requested.

The girls ate their breakfast, 


and watched "The Grinch" while they waited on their parents to pick them up.

Nayah said she had a great time celebrating her birthday with her friends. 

So much fun, and she'll get to celebrate more next week, on her actual birthday! 💚🎄